Portside Brewery

Portside Brewery

We hand-craft all of our beers in small batches and infuse them with flavor and body. Our brew master Dan Malz finds the best ingredients to make some of the finest beers in Cleveland. Drink local.











Our Flagship Beers - Available year-round

216 Dry Hopped Pale Ale | ABV 5.8%

Portside's “216” is named after the area code for Cleveland, OH.  Our pale ale is an easy drinking session beer designed to enjoy at your local pub with friends and family.  We dry hopped this pale ale with a generous amounts of Cascade hops to deliver a great hop finish in the Portside tradition.

North Kölsch Ale  | ABV 5% 

An American twist on the widely popular German ale. Brewed with saaz hops for a light, malty taste and subtle hop aroma and flavor. You might as well be in Munich when sipping on this beer.  


Rusalka Vanilla Stout | ABV 5.3%

A smooth stout that lures you in with a kiss of vanilla with a clean finish. Named for the mythical mermaid-like creature that drowned young men in rivers and lakes with the disguise of a beautiful woman. 


Riptide Red Ale | ABV 5.5%

The first thing you will notice in our Riptide Red is the fateful amber red coloring. Light citrus notes come through on the nose, which provide a perfect balance to the malty notes of the crystal malt. It all ends with a clean, dry finish that leaves you ready for the next delicious taste. 


Ironclad IPA  | ABV 8.3%

A balanced double pale ale crafted with extra malt and American hops for a citrus and floral hop finish. Named after the steamships of the 1800’s that changed naval warfare, this offering from Portside will change how you view American pale ales.


Our Seasonal Beers - Available as listed

“Pop Smoke” Rauchbier | ABV 5.5%  | Spring

A hearty smoke beer made with cherry wood smoked malt to deliver a hint of smokiness. Named for the military term that describes movement under cover of smoke. Enjoy this ale alone or with your favorite cigar.


Breakwall Brown Ale  | ABV 6.50%  | Winter

A perfectly balanced beer that will remind you of a classic English brown ale, but the flavor is all American. The first sip starts out with a mild cocoa and caramel flavor and finishes with Portside’s usual hoppy gusto.


Man O War Imperial IPA  | ABV 9.6%  | Canned Sporadically

A punchy IPA made with generous amounts of hops from New Zealand, Australia, and America. Features a wonderful hop aroma with a powerful one-two to emulate the ship’s brawn whose name it shares. 


Big Chuck Barleywine  | ABV 11.7%  | Canned in June

An aggressively malty barleywine brewed with four different malts and three varities of hops. This smooth and deceptively strong ale is the strongest beer canned in America. Named to honor the Cleveland TV star Charles “Big Chuck” Schodowski. 


Specialty Beers 

Forager Saison Ale | ABV 6.5%

This beer honors the traditions of natural fermentation with local ingredients.  Our saison ale is bittered with locally foraged dandelion and flavored with  rose hip and grains of paradise for a fresh summer style beer with and a spicy and herbaceous flavor.

Lake Erie Hulett Altbier | ABV 5.8%

Our altbier is named after the iron ore offloading machines invented by Ohio native George Hulett. The Lake Erie Hulett revolutionized iron ore trade on the Great Lakes in the 20th Hulett Altbier will revolutionize the demand for this classic German ale from Dusseldorf. Munich malt and Hallertau Hops give this beer the perfect balance of smoothness and flavor. Enjoy this beer as we pay homage to the Lake Erie port workers of yesteryear. 

Hafenseite Hefeweizen | ABV 5%

Hafenseite is the German word for harbor or port.  A perfect name for our version of a classic German  hefeweizen.  This beer pours with a thick head and a beautiful cloudy golden color.  Banana, clove and citrus are dominant in the nose.  The banana flavor fades slightly on the palate, masked by a stronger citrus and spicy flavor.  It finishes clean with a slight bitterness that makes for a refreshing summer beer.